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NHEF Conference Experience

Why attend the Forum?

  • Be a part of the biggest annual gathering of education and innovation thought leaders in Africa.
  • Gain unusual insights on evolving trends in research and innovation, emerging industry opportunities, new policies, etc.
  • Contribute in shaping the conversations at the various high impact events at the Forum.
  • The Forum offers delegates a rare opportunity to derive inspiration, get empowered and equipped to function better in their various areas of practice.
  • Individual and institutional delegates also have good opportunity to peer-review their individual and institutional progress.


Relevant issues
Great speakers & Thought Leaders
Powerful Insights
Excellent Organisation

We expect delegates from federal and state ministries, departments and agencies. Others expected are Pro-Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments, Senior Lecturers, Provosts, Rectors,  Bursars, Registrars, Heads of Research Institutions, Industry Leaders, Human Resource Professionals, Librarians, Media Professionals, Non-profit organizations, CEOs, Researchers, Innovators, Service/solution providers e.g. Software developers & vendors, equipment suppliers, Publishing houses, etc.

Why Partner With Us?

  • Network with other key sector leaders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Promote your brands or organisations to top tertiary institutions’ critical decision makers.
  • Benefit from the goodwill supporting education sector engenders. This supportive partnership will be richly promoted in the lead up to and during the Forum events.
  • Organisations and brands stand to benefit immensely from unparalleled exposure to a collection of influential target audience, in an informal yet informative environment,       removed from the competing demands of regular everyday life.
  • Partners will have a chance to enrich their database.

National Higher Education Forum is a private sector-driven platform designed to contribute in shaping Nigeria’s higher education policy direction, national innovation ecosystem and the overall economic prosperity of Nigeria.

The Forum will strive to be a robust platform that offers great opportunities for medium to long term  agenda setting, policy dialogue, events analysis, progress reviews and quality engagement among key  stakeholders in government, academia, industry, media, philanthropy, NGO, etc.

In pursuing this ultimate national prosperity agenda, National Higher Education Forum shall focus deeply on critical and most important issues in higher education categorized into four broad areas:


This part of the project focuses on the physical and the policy structures that enable and support innovation. This includes a host of interconnected structures from transportation, accommodation, information, communication and technology networks, business regulations, intellectual property regime, tax policies, to healthcare and energy.  Conventional wisdom holds that innovation is the sole responsibility of the private sector with government shouldering the responsibility of creating enabling environment for innovation to thrive. This role is quite critical when you imagine how much enabler infrastructure is to innovation. The forum shall seek to find solutions to infrastructure challenges in our higher institutions of learning by engaging government, policy makers and thought leaders.

Short term goals

  • Leverage the platform to support the development and expansion of world class research and development facilities like Technology Demonstration & Development Centre.
  • Leverage the platform to support proper equipment, staffing and running of entrepreneurship and innovation centres.
  • Leverage the platform to support the institution of robust industry relations/liaison centres in our tertiary institutions.
  • Leverage the platform to pursue policies and the establishment of structures that enable institutions innovate and benefit from the commercialisation of their innovations.

Human Capital/Intellectual Capital

This strand focuses on the human dimension of the entire project. The emphasis is on knowledge creation, knowledge commercialization, knowledge transfer, life-long skill and talent development. The Forum undertakes to imagine, anticipate and respond to the challenges of talent and intellectual capital development. We recognize that developing the right mix of talent is as critical as the quality of available talent pool.

Again, it is necessary to note that it is not just enough to innovate and create new knowledge, workers who lose their places for reasons of new technology or processes must be supported to successfully acquire new skills required for successful transition. Therefore, support for life-long skills and talent development will always command our attention.

Short term goals

  • Leverage the platform to support improved access to education, reduced instability in public tertiary education and the reduction of the number of out-of-school children.
  • Leverage the platform to vigorously promote VTET programmes and skills-based education.
  • Improve awareness and knowledge about evolving global intellectual property regime and how that can generate huge financial benefits for the tertiary institutions.
  • Leverage the platform to secure exchange programmes for researchers in overseas Labs and encourage the attraction of Diaspora talents back to Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Financial Capital

Finance is a major enabler of innovation. So the third pillar of this initiative is the financial investment.  This ranges from finance for risk taking, finance for entrepreneurial adventures to finance for R&D.  What funding models and schemes are available to our higher education institutions of learning for effective training and research? Other close related issues border on student’s scholarship schemes;  general access to finance for further education and the current capital flight,  in billions of dollars, leaving Nigeria through citizens’ ever increasing  pursuit of overseas higher education.

The National Higher Education Forum stretches beyond intellectual discourse and traditional strategies for higher education by bringing together state, local, and federal entities; academic institutions, foundations, investment groups, business and industry to address the challenges associated with building globally competitive and prepared innovators.

Short term goals

  • Leverage the platform to improve institutions’ capacity to generate additional funding from alternative sources.
  • Leverage the platform to mobilize funds from the private sector, engage the Alumni more effectively and help institutions ramp up their endowment funds.
  • Leverage the platform to challenge the institutions to adopt global best practices in financial planning and management;
  • Leverage the platform to ensure improved federal investment in science, technology and engineering education infrastructure.


The national higher education forum will pursue and support a strong collaborative partnership among higher education institutions, government and the industry – a relationship that is referred to as Triple Helix. A greater understanding of each of these critical parts of our economy, and a reinvigorated interaction among them, portends a more sustainable and all inclusive growth and development for our institutions in particular and the country at large. At the heart of the huge skills gap presently plaguing us, is the lacuna that exists between the higher education institutions and the industry. There is also a linkage issue between the Federal and State governments in policy implementation and monitoring.

“Our universities and colleges must  grow to become institutions where researchers, while pursuing their scholarly  interests, also uphold public good; one whose students, faculty, and staff  transcend the concept of community service to take responsibility for social,  economic, environmental and cultural vitality of the community in which they.” In other words, institutions should in addition to their traditional roles of learning and research incorporate regional development into their missions.

Short term goals

  • Leverage the platform to deepen the Federal and State government linkages in policy implementation and monitoring.
  • Leverage the platform to improve industry and academia interaction, specifically for the purpose of improving the tailoring of academic training to industry needs.
  • Leverage the platform to assist institutions and government benefit from internationalization of education and the global partnerships that exist.

At the inception of the National Higher Education Forum, we had a clear understanding that making any real progress requires both a sense of sustainability and a long term orientation – so NHEF is well cast in those regards. The phase one of NHEF is set for 2014 to 2039. Before the expiration of the 25 years there would be clear and bold milestones in our higher education to refer to. Below are some of the goals we would be hoping to achieve.

Long term goals

  • Five Nigerian universities will rank among top ten universities in Africa.
  • An average Nigerian public university’s endowment fund will be worth as much as 500 billion naira.
  • Nigeria will become Africa’s higher education hub.
  • At least a Nigerian university will rank among world top 100.
  • Industry presence in the Nigerian tertiary institutions will be common place.
  • There will be remarkable general improvement in graduate employability.
  • There will be general improvement in the HEIs’ intellectual property portfolio and value.

Conference Skills

  • High Impact Agenda

    In the course of designing agenda for the annual Forum, our team of conference experts ensure, first and foremost, that only balanced, rich-mix of short, medium and long term issues of top priority are put forward in the programme of events.

  • High profile speakers

    We recognize that a well thought out agenda is only a part of the equation. Therefore, assembling world class and knowledgeable speakers that best fit the agenda is always a top priority.

  • Robust engagements and effective deliveries

    We design our events in a way that best guaranties that participants gain the most from our speakers’ knowledge and insights, and the overall agenda.


  • Great Networking atmosphere

    We deliberately create an atmosphere that encourages easy communication, relationship building, deal brokerage, exchange of ideas, cross flow of knowledge and networking.

  • Awards

    We leverage the platform to peer-review institutions, and identify unique projects and initiatives that deserve recognition and rewards.



  • Great Partnerships

    We often go the extra mile to collaborate with stakeholders in government, industry, academia & individuals that do not only benefit from NHEF events but also add unique values to the National Higher Education Forum.


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